About Us

      Nanjing Dazhong Electrode Products Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, specialized in manufacturing of electrode caps and all kinds of resistance welding electrodes, stud welding collets, CO2 contact tips and submerged arc welding nozzles.

     Electrode caps(CuCrZr & CuAl2O3) are manufacured by automatic multi-station cold header, are of excellent performance and high performance-price ratio. Daily output is between 30 to 50 thousands. The product is widely applied to low-carbon steel and galvanized sheet welding of automotive industry.

      Stud welding collets are made of special compound alloy material, with unique processing, are of high temperature elasticity, excellent electrical conductivity and thermal diffusivity, super durability, anti-stud dropping and anti-stud damaging.

      CO2 contact tips are manufacured by auto-drilling CNC, are of excellent coaxiality, high precision and finish. Products are widely applied to automotive, shipbuilding and ocean engineering, aerospace, railway transportation, petrochemical, home appliances, industrial boiler and other steel constructural industries robotic welding.